Shadow problems with GTX 680

Hello everybody, I've been googling this problem to try and find how to fix this, but unfortunately I can't find anything. I'm hoping someone will have the answer for me. It seems in a few of my games, there's a big problem with the shadows where they're either blocky, blurry or are just lines. Here are a few examples:

Far Cry 3: and

Borderlands 2:

I've also checked Mass Effect 2 and it happens in that too, but it's hard to show it in a screenshot as it's only clear when the shadow moves...

This problem seems to be with the GTX 680, which is the card I have. I've played with all the suggestions I've found on forums, namely things like AO (I've tried it set to Performance, Quality and Off on the Nvidia control panel) and flicking through the shadow settings on games, but still no luck. I don't think it is a problem with the card as the company I got my PC made by have sent me a second card, and the problem still occurs. Can anybody shed some light on this problem?
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  1. Update your video card driver first. Download them from the nvidia website. Tbh I don't see the problem in borderlands 2 an FC3 second imge. It could also be the in-game image settings.
  2. The drivers I have is version 310.70, and I've tried the shadow and image quality settings on the games I've seen the problem with. Still no luck. :(
  3. If it's a known issue with nvidia cards or maybe the GTX680 only, your best hope is to wait for nvidia to update their drivers to fix the issue. Or maybe the devs to release a patch

    Edit: You could also try SweetFX. I don't know if there are any shadow settings but there are many image settings in it. Download here
  4. Thanks Ezio - I tried using that SweetFX but FC3 just kept crashing before it could load. I think I'll do what you said and wait for a patch to come along and fix it.
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