Radeon HD 7850 or 7870

I have been looking to upgrade my Video Card in my system, But I am at a crossroads as for which video card I should purchase.

Currently, The 7850 is listed at $194
The 7870 is on sell at NewEgg for $209.99

So there basically the same price, and the performance differences aren't that massive,

Currently my system specs are:
Intel i3 2120 3.3Ghz Processor
Intel DH67BL Mobo
Corsair XMS3 8gb Ram (2x4gb)
Antec VP450 450w PSU
Zotac 9500GT 1gb Video Card

Should I upgrade to the 7850, or the 7870 ?, and would my system be able to use the 7870 to its fullest, or would I be safer / better off by going with the 7850 ?
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  1. After Checking Prices more

    The Sapphire Radeon 7870 Ghz Edition is $189.99 + $20 mail in rebate
    The Sapphire Radeon 7850 is $206.99 + No Rebate

    I think I should just go with the 7870 ?
  2. Hi. You can save money if you don't mind going with other brands. The HD 7850 2GB is around $175 after rebate while the HD 7870 is around $195 after rebate. Also the GTX 660 can be had for around the same price as the HD 7870 if you prefer. An overclocked HD 7850 can get near the level of a stock HD 7870. Your system can handle either card. Whether the $20 difference is worth it is up to you. Check reviews sites for more information to guide your decision.
  3. get the 7870. im also going to get one! :)
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