Transfering backups between RC and vanilla

Just did a huge 250gig backup using the built in Win 7 backup on RC 64bit. I was wondering if I bought and installed retail 7 would my backup image carry over even though it's a different install of windows. Gonna be on same hard drive with same PC, no changes. Anyone with experience with this???
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  1. Your RC image will be useless as the RC is not going to last much longer and will be no good to you in the future.
    Creating an image of your new instalation after it's activated would be a good idea.
    Wipe the image and start again, use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard to save your files and settings to another drive/partition.
    When you finish instaling your new W7 the run the ETW file to restore your files and settings. This actually works very well.
  2. sweet. thats exactly what i was trying to do. thanks
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