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i install windows 8 in my laptop, the problem is i get a black screen and a mouse pointer after i signed in, so i will restart my laptop many times to start properly pls. help me
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  1. make and model of laptop?
  2. Cant really help much without knowing the make and model of the laptop in question, but I can suggest that you hook it up to a monitor or tv and boot up and see if anything comes up on there. I know when I upgraded my laptop from Vista (Ugh) to 8 (Yay!) at first I couldnt see anything because for some reason it thought there was a second screen and was putting everything on there. I had to connect to my tv and change the screen settings.
  3. Hi,

    Win 8 has a new feature called Fast Startup. It can sometimes cause problems like you mention as well as others.

    The easiest way to tell if this is the problem is to turn it off and see what happens.

    This feature only works when you do a SHUTDOWN and then Boot.
    It doesn't effect a RESTART.

    To turn it off or on...

    Go to Control panel...Power Options, and select Choose What the Power Buttons Do on the left.

    Then select Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable near the top center of screen...

    Lower down on the window, uncheck Fast Startup.

    This may or may not help your problem, but is easy to check.

    If this resolves the problem, then you can investigate what isn't loading properly.
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