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hi, i recently built a PC around the a8-5600k and i read about buying a graphics card (in my case the hd 6670) and using the igpu and the gpu in crossfirex. However i am having a few driver issues once they are installed; Aero effects don't work, mmdriver crashes, can't browse the web without flash player not working. Possibly more but they are the main problems which stick out. For now i have disabled the igpu from the bios. Looking back on the crossfirex compatibility sheet (or whatever it's called) with different chipsets http://sites.amd.com/PublishingImages/Public/Graphic_Illustrations/WebBannerJPEG/AMD_CrossfireX_Chart_1618W.jpg i realize that my motherboard is using the a55m chipset and not the a85x (which is recommended) but in the BIOS it allows the option for "dual graphics" which is enabling crossfire. For now i have disabled it and everything is back to normal...
Thanks for reading
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  1. you dont exactly have the correct card for hybri xfire. According to amd's site you need a 6570.
  2. actually the box says that it supports the 6670. Where does it say that there is only support for the 6570 and not the 6670
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