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Current specs:

Win 8-64 bit
Phenom 965 X4 3.4ghz
8gb Ram
Mobo: M4N98TD EVO

Gaming at 1680x1050 resolution, have 2 monitors, currently my SLI GTS 250 1gb is causing alot of noise and heat.
I don't game on ULTRA settings, but rather on Medium to High. I game only on (1) monitor and use the other for surfing the web, etc....

I narrowed my list down to the following cards, (Please include any others you feel is best):

-XFX 7870
-XFX 7850 2gb
-EVGA GTX 560ti Ultra Classified (448 cores) (Can get it for $200 from someone, brand new)

My maximum budget is $230, not more than. Please I know there are better cards, but the amount of gaming I do, I don't need that super card. I simply need a card that will last me for at least 3-4 years and can play the latest games on decent settings.

I am open to additional suggestions.

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  1. Out of the cards you listed I feel the 660 is the best option. However if you are set on AMD you can't go wrong with the 7870 as they are slotted around the same price. Anything beyond a 660 or a 7870 and I would say you would need to look into the processor as a upgrade.

    here is a breakdown in price between the 2,82&sort=a5
  2. Really? Why a processor? I don't understand that. I am fairly new to the computer world hehe

    Also, I had a hunch that people would jump on the 660 and 7870 because they are the latest cards, but an GTX 560ti Ultra is a card I am sure someone at the moment has and is willing to use for the next 2-3 years. If I can save an extra $40 in comparison to the 660, why not?

    Just evaluating alternatives i guess ;)
  3. Well just by looking at the processor the frequency is high but I'm not exactly sure what one you have normally AMD had a number like 965 or something like those lines. I feel the older processors have a harder time holding up against the higher cards your 670's your 7970's and so on. More or less you become held back because of your processor but if you could I'd like to know the number of the X4 you have. A 560Ti is a excellent card with the 448 cores.

    However you will find that the 7850 is better then the 560Ti in a lot of areas however that is the 384 version not the 448 which is closer to the 570.

    In regards to the 660 non ti. You will see a higher jump in performance.

    here is the 7870 comparison

    and I'll provide the 570 comparison since they are fairly close in performance the 448 core 560ti.

    Anandtech I kind of am okay with there benchmarks but you never know how often they re bench the cards and so on. The way I process this all is this. The 600/7000 cards will handle DX11 better then the 500 series/6000 series cards did. Also, there is a pretty sizable difference between the cards against a 560Ti also even though I showed what a 570 would do a 448 core isn't quite a 570 its near it but not quite. If it were me I would go with the GTX660 and if you liked the AMD product more then the 7870 although it appears that you get more from the 660.
  4. My processor is 965 indeed and I understand what your saying, good points. :)
  5. Also, maybe something to chew on as well. I sold during the summer I believe 2x 560Ti's for I want to say 230 I think it sold at 260
  6. hmm. Well I was looking at price in particular and all the cards are priced all relatively the same, so I am guessing the best bet is the most recent one. I've always have Nvidia and my motherboard only supports SLI, not Crossfire.

    I guess I liked the "ULTRA CLASSIFIED" edition of the 560ti because of its somewhat uniqueness.
  7. Right but the 560Ti ultra classified uses a extra 2 pin connection so you will be using more power with it. I don't think its worth it per say for the extra cost for the ultra classified.
  8. Which card from the list consumes the least amount of power and is NOT noisy. My SLI GTS 250 are giving me a headache lol.

    Also,is the XFX Double D (2 fans) more quieter than the one fan?
  9. The 7870 and 7850 consume around 99 watts of power peak and 250 in games.,3148-19.html

    They both seem to use around the same amount of power between the 660 and the 7850/70

    In terms fan noise it depends from fan to fan on a cooler. I would read reviews from a card that you are interested in to figure that out. After reading some reviews for the 7870 double d from xfx people were saying it was pretty quiet.
  10. Will the new GPUs like 7870 and 660 work well with my processor or will an upgrade in that be required in the future?
  11. With a mid level card your cpu should be fine. I was just saying in the future its hard to tell if your processor could keep up with the higher end cards however I feel you will be just fine with either card sir.
  12. Just to see how well I researched, did I choose the right graphic cards for my particular budget? Are there any others you would recommend? By the way, bigshootr8 you are an extremely helpful person on these forums!
  13. You have the right cards for your processor yes. I feel you do at least. Anything more and I would want a more robust system like a 3570k or something along those lines. And Thank you! I try and be helpful I get people being jerks at times I have another thread I was trying to help a guy out with sandwich cards in SLI/CF and he was going on about how a addict should know this this and that talk about spitting on the hand that feeds you.
  14. Do you think for games like Dota 2, Black Ops 2, AMD Radeon will cause any issues? I've seen forums with a lot of complaints with the 7850, not sure about the 7870.
  15. The way I see it is the 50/70 are in the same class of cards honestly. They are both mid level cards. I can't imagine why they would give those games any issues but then again any game may have issues with a particular brand of video card.
  16. What I meant was if you asked someone can you feel the difference between the 50/70 they would probably say no just incremental differences in frames.
  17. Okay I understand. I never purchased a Radeon GPU and this being my first time, is XFX a reputable brand? I remember they were the "Go-to" brand, besides EVGA of course, during their days in business with GeForce.
  18. I don't have an issue with XFX cards I had a 5770 and it was great however people will say for the AMD side of things ASUS, SAPPHIRE, HIS, MSI are all good selections. I've heard negative things about XFX cards just people not to pleased with them on the forums but if the card is well received from those who actually own it then I don't see the problem. XFX doesn't have the same level of customer service it did before as far as I understand which may be the gripe people have with them.
  19. My opinion is : Gtx 580 3gb.
    compare to 7950 :
    compare to 660 :
    Remember Also u r processor is not enough to handle latest gpus.
  20. That card is quite expensive :(
    So, if my processor isn't adequate for the latest GPUs, then the 560ti Ultra would be my best bet because it is an older model.
  21. Man2cool you were fine with the cards you were looking at a 580 is a card that may put your cpu through the ringer I would go with what will work best with your current setup.
  22. Okay, I'll stick to either the 7870 or the 660, whichever I get a better deal on.
  23. Exactly that is a good way to go with your budget and what will work best for you now.
  24. Thanks again Bigshootr8, but apparently now I am at another crossroad. Either picking the 7870 or the 660. I can stick to my good-ol Nvidia or jump into the Radeon.

    My motherboard is a Nvidia Chipset compatible for SLI only, so maybe that is a hunch that the PC itself has a preference for the 660 and will give me better performance. Not quite sure.....
  25. Also, would a 7850 2gb be sufficient if I tend to save an extra buck, or will the 7870/660 be the best future option?
  26. I feel either would be good for you I tend to swing more towards Nvidia because of the games I play but at the same time I can't really say for sure whether or not they are good future proof options you have cards that are mid level mainstream cards that could possibly not be as useful a generation game wise from now its really hard to tell what the future has in store. I will say though the likelihood that your card will be useful is quite high down the road you could turn off AA+AF and enjoy medium/high settings for a while I would think.
  27. Fair enough, I am also leaning more towards the 660 because I have always been with Nvidia. However, if saving an extra $30 for the 7850 2gb will suffice my future gaming at medium-to-high, would it be an okay decision?

    This is probably my last question, I don't want to feel like I am always trying to make someone else make the decision for me. Just looking for some sound advice.
  28. I feel the 7870 is better slotted against the 660. I would get the 660 I don't think you are in the wrong with wanting to go that direction.
  29. Great comparison, the 7850 2gb doesn't fall behind the 660 much. I guess I will look and compare prices and go from there. For Nvidia, I will get the EVGA brand , but for the Radeon, I am not quite certain. I'll read reviews on Newegg.

    BUT, at the very least, XFX does put time into making their GPUs look decent, haha

    Thanks again bigshoot8r, SOMEONE give this guy a honor!
  30. lol no I don't need anything I'm happy when things get resolved. So if you end up happy then problem solved.
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