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Graphics card clock speeds stuck at lowest!!

Hello, my graphics card is stuck at the lowest clock speeds and i will not change for anything. (Amd radeon 7950)
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  1. did you try installing the latest drivers from amd
  2. What do you mean by stuck at lowest clock speeds?
    Are you talking about the clock speeds displayed on catalyst control center > overdrive?
    Clock speeds displayed on overdrive are the current clock speeds they increase as you put load to it like playing a game.
    When you play a game are the speeds also at the lowest?
  3. I'd have to double check what it does when playing a game.. I tried to once before and didn't see any change. My clock speeds on my 6670 changed when I over-clocked it, and my 7950 radeon just displays the same (300MHz GPU clock) and (memory clock: 150MHz) I re-installed windows 7 64bit, and all drivers and all windows updates.. I don't know why its not changing.. :??:
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    Its catalyst 12.11 beta drivers..i have same issue with my gigabyte 7950 stuck at 500 mhz when i try to that lots of people having same issues..try diwngrading to older amd drivers or just wait for new ones..
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  6. Catalyst Version 12.4... still seeing the same thing :/ how about you?
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