Shadow to the right side.

Something is making shadow to the text and some brighter colors.

From the phone :

I use VGA cable with VGA to DVI adapter to connect my pc with monitor.
I thought its something with the cables but i changed both adapter and cable, and it didn't help.
So, my guess was that i had some problems with GPU. I swiched my default display in BIOS to be integrated and connected it correctly and the same problem was there.
The last thing that was on my mind was monitor. Tried my brother's monitor and still the same problem.

When i flip the picture to the portrait mode it still goes to the right side, so if you flip your head also, the shadow will go up instead of right.

So if its not monitor, cables, GPU or dust (quite new pc), what could it be?

Please help! :cry:

My PC:
6870 PCS+
8GB RAM Kingston HyperX 1600MHz
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  1. I assume that you're using a DVI-VGA adapter (and not the other way around)

    uh... the screen shots really don't show anything :/ or at least i can't see the shadows/bright texts...

    Did the shadows/bright texts just start happening? or since you had the GPU...

    Since you tried it on another monitor and the problem still persists, it's either the cable or GPU...
  2. Its VGA to DVI, not the other way around. But its not that because my cable is VGA on both sides, and when i tried integrated GPU it was without adapter and i had the same problem, so its not GPU.

    I can't remember when did it happen. :/

    Gonna upload a pic which i will take with my phone.
  3. Your GPU only had DVI/HDMI/Mini display ports... It doesn't have a VGA port... (or at least on any 6870 cards I've seen...)

    So it only happens when you're plugged into the integrated gpu then if you're using a VGA to DVI adapter??? Cause you're not using your GPU if you're plugged through the VGA port on the motherboard...
  4. No mate. I use VGA to DVI adapter for my GPU like this one :
    So i removed that adapter when i connected it with integrated gpu to see will i have the same problems there, and i did.
  5. Nvm, i took new monitor today and i connected it with DVI cable and everything is perfect now. :)

    I guess it was becuase of cables or something.

    Tnx anyways. :)
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