I want to make sure this will work before I buy

Will a zotac ion GPU 512mb ddr3 pci-e x1 work with my nvidia GeForce galaxy gts 250 1gb ddr3 pci-e x16? The latter card is SLI ready, so will they work to run 3-4 monitors? And if I use them both, will I be prohibited in gaming? Thanks so much. Any info is highly appreciated!
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  1. no, you need another 250 with the same clocks and ram. Ideally you want the same card you already have.
  2. Since my motherboard only has one pcie x16 slot, is there any other option rather than buying a motherboard with 2 pcie x16 slots?
  3. No, do not use one card at 1x and one card at 16x in a SLi configuration you need a SLi certified motherboard sir. If your board only has regular 16x sized slot then chances are you would need a new motherboard to accommodate at 2nd full sized card.
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