Problem with GTX 550Ti

I recently bought a GPU and after installing it turns out the PC reboots suddenly when playing videogames and I believe this problem might be because of the PSU... I believe the PSU might be starving of energy and then it shuts down to avoid damage...

This is the GPU:

It has no OCing since I have no need of it... Nothing very special or remarkable from any other 550 Ti as far I can observe...

This is the PSU:

Its a 600 watt PSU which has two 12 volt rails (+12v1-21A and +12v2-20 amps)

This is the power chart:

( I am aware there are other brands that are supposed to be better like "Thermal-Take" or "Corsair" but this is the one I have so before you start recomending me please state if this PSU is good enough. I beg you to ONLY say otherwise if you have experience with the brand, heard or read of the brand before or encountered problems with the same brand. )

A GTX 550 Ti needs a minimum of 24 amps. Both my 12 volt rails are a bit below the minimum requirement. and only one 6-Pin PCI-Express cable is connected to the GPU. Does that mean its only recieving 21A? There is a part of the power chart where it says 38A which is underneath the +12v1 and +12v2 scheme...

I don't really understand how the 12 volt split works, could somebody explain it to me?

There was a molex plug with the GPU and I am not sure if that is actually the solution... I did use it but the PC reboot anyway so then I knew it was no use.

Extra Info:

CPU: Intel i5 750 2.67Ghz
Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D PRO
RAM: Corsair 2x4Gb 1600MHz DDR3
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Green 1Tb 64Mb Cache 7200RPM

This is all the information I believe might be necessary to understand my problem...
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    Hi Ark,
    The link there (to your PSU) doesn't work.
    Re: 12v
    The original ATX spec says no more than 20A on the 12v rail.
    Therefore to deliver 60A you need 3 x 12v rails.
    Corsair (for example) completely ignores this, and supplies one 12v rail @ 60A.
    Power supplies are notoriously cheap, and many do not do what they claim.
    Regardless of power rating, I always look for a top-quality brand-name PSU with Active PFC (power-factor correction).
    Active PFC gives you a constant output, regardless of input voltage.
    Not just 115v vs. 230v - even in North America our 115v can swing wildly between 105-120v.
    Active PFC is a must.
    If the PSU has a little red switch, to select either 115 or 230v - don't buy it!
    A 550ti isn't a huge power-hog.
    One 6-pin PCI-E is on most PSUs.
    But I do agree with you - if your PSU wasn't up to the job, things would be as you describe.
    I use Corsair CX430 in all my (non-gaming) PC builds.
    It has one 12v rail @ 32A.
    But for gaming I see what's up at the time the build happens.
    Watts are just a guideline - I feel better about a quality brand-name, and Active PFC of course.
    An important guideline though... especially if one requires 4 x 8-pin PCI-E!
    Always, always buy a killer PSU.
    It is, after all, the foundation upon which the house is built...
    Good luck to you,
  2. Clean psu.
  3. This Link should work:

    Sorry about that...

    Also yeah I am aware of most of that but please take a look at it and tell me what would you say of this particular PSU...
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