No beep no boot. now I pulled the ram and restarted and I get long beeps

Hp pavilion
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    How many sticks of RAM? Try one at a time in varying slots, it'll probably POST with one or the other, sounds like a bad stick.
  2. Sounds like bad ram, cmos failure or graphics failure. Try one stick of ram in the A1 slot. Boot; if same swap out ram. Like hillmanant suggested. Does the keyboard blink when you try to boot with the ram in? Try hooking the external display up and boot. What happens?
  3. Thanks so much. You guys have so much info on here I got it fixed already. The problem ended up being a faulty video card. I thanks u all again and ill be back to learn some more soon. I have a sony vaio that dosent boot either. Imm work on that one today. Ill post what its doing in a few.
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