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I'm having a problem settings up 3 displays i have 2 monitors and one television I'm trying to set up. The two monitors are running off DVI and mini display port to DVI the television is running off a HDMI cable. my current set up is 2 7950's in crossfire mode. The only way i can get all 3 to work is to disable crossfire mode and have the television plugged into the 2nd video card. I'm trying to make the television and 1 monitor as a extended desktop and have 1 monitor as a main display
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  1. I believe you will need 1 "active" DP to DVI (or HDMI) adapter hooked up to the primary card ( all three outputs should be on the primary card ).
    In crossfire you are only using the second GPU to augment the first, the outputs on the second card are effectively disabled. When you use both cards independently (non-crossfire) you could run four monitors, two from each card. I run four monitors off a single 6950, but need 2 active DP to DVI adapters. I use Accell adapters which were about $30 each from Amazon. AMD's Catalyst Control Center video driver will allow you to configure your monitors and TV in any way you like just by dragging the monitors around to the positions that match your setup!
  2. I'm already using a mini display port to DVI for my 2nd monitor.
  3. unless i need to make the main display the mini display port.
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