Which graphics card should i choose?

I get paid in a few days, and im trying to decide between some of the higher rated cards of this generation. im going to be going to my local bestbuy and last i had checked all cards are priced under 500. first, a little about my pc and what i want it to do:

my pc setup currently employs a FX 8120, 8 gigs of RAM, a OCZ 700w psu, and a EVGA GeForce gtx 560 se. im game on a 37 inch full hd vizio. i can generally hit about 30-40 frames on ultra settings on battlefield 3 and crysis 2. ths is not as smooth as i want it to be. i want to hit the standard 60 atleast.

ive been looking at the cards they have up there and they gtx 660, gtx 660 ti, an hd 7950, and an 7970. the nvidia cards of of the evga and pny variety, while the amd cards are sapphire. which of these would get me to my target best? i eventually look to get crysis 3 so i would like to be prepared for that as well
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  1. Well, if you could afford a 7970, then why not? :)

    Sapphire cards are great. Well priced and is also quite cool and quiet.
  2. im contemplating it, but idk yet tho XD my brother recently bought a sapphire hd 6670 and we tested it out of blacklight retribution. the game looked way better on his amd card which is supposedly weaker than my 560 se. he even payed half of what i payed for the 560. but i suppose pairing two amd technologies would be cool :P 7970 it is :D that is assuming its still there when i get payed. if its not, im grabbing a 660 ti
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