i am having no ups from abt 6 months (my fault)
so my pc has lost power directly many times due to power cuts

i have a radeon hd7750 and core-i3-530 ,4gb ram

i just installed far cry 3 and on optimal settings it lagged bit

so i lowered resolution to 1280x768 and switched to pure low settings it was working fine but in between suddenly my mouse frozed and still a bit lag

so can it be my gpu is damaged

how can i check on this

or this is just my rig is not powerful enough to run it
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  1. Maybe your card isn't high end enough for farcry?

    Does it work fine in other games? Download MSI Afterburner to check usage, and temperature while u playing. If it exceeds 85% for example, u have a problem.

    Let me know about the results!
  2. i played nfs run and cod-bo2 fine enough
    and other way to check

  3. hello again
    gpu usage went to 99-96

    and temp went to 28 and played it for 5 mins only

    as i closed it gpu usage fell to 0
  4. any one helpppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. reply got damn it
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