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SLI / Crossfire old GPU with new GPU?

am starting to completely build a computer for the first time.

I have an old Radeon HD 4550 that works pretty well. I am definitely going to upgrade & get a new GPU, but I was wondering... is there a way (or is it worth it) to SLI / Crossfire my old GPU with a newer one?

I'm still fairly new to computer building, so I may have the wrong idea of SLI. It seems to me is that there are 2 cards plugged into PCIe slots and when you install certain drivers, the PC can utilize both processors' power.

Also, I'm about 90% sure I'm going to use an ASUS P8Z77-V PRO mobo with an Intel Core i5-3570K.
For my price range, the GPU's I'm looking at are: Radeon HD 7770 -or- GeForce GTX 650 TI

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    the hd 4550 is a direct x 10.1 card and does support crossfire but you would need a much older generation card than the hd 7770 to crossfire it.

    you cannot crossfire an hd 7770 with hd 4550.

    instead you can use the Virtu MVP feature to use the integrated graphics in the cpu (intel hd4000) along with your hd 7770 to yield better results.
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  3. For best results with CFX/SLI, both GPUs need to be similarly powerful.

    Even if a 4550 could be CFX'd with a 7770, the performance difference between the two would be too large for this to work smoothly. By the time the 4550 would be done rendering its frame, the 7770 will have rendered and dropped ~6 while waiting for the 4550... or more likely, nearly all of the 4550's frames would get dropped due to being excessively tardy in favor of pumping out the 7770's much faster frames and this would translate into periodic stuttering (caused by dropped frames) every 6-8 frames.
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