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Hello, my freind logged onto vent today and couldnt hear me but i could hear then they couldnt hear other system sounds i ran her through a few things i looked for errors in device manager over teamveiwer and check the output devices and stuff check the levels and mute's i couldnt see any reasons i just suggested to her a driver install but she cant find the model number so i sent her to find the original disk since its a usb headset it doesnt need any special drivers so i though maybe i could unistall its driver and get her to replug it in maybe it would fix they problem but the sound devices section had soo many devices in it heaps od usb ones and others no specifically named ones i couldnt tell whats what any idea's on fixes or ways to isolate which device is which? also at a point she could hear me and i couldnt hear her then it went back again so i though maybe it was a driver issue thank you.
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  1. This sounds to me like too many device drivers are at fault. The interrupt is obviously under the control of a ware or service that it can not recognize or gain access to while its in use by another ware. Clean out (uninstall) all the device sound drivers. Reboot. Run a utility like CCleaner to remove registry entries after the device drivers have been removed so the registry can start fresh.
    Reboot again and allow Windows to add the OpSys drivers, then add the OEM sound control wares for the system. Lastly, and if all is functioning correctly, add the comm ware of choice.

    You may want to disable windows from powering down the USB ports as well. Win 7 will do this if the port is allowed to be powered down in the energy savings settings. Uncheck the box that says" Allow this device to sleep".
    Good Luck.
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