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Hello. I have a GeForce 9800GTX and it has worked for awhile. Just recently, I turned on my computer and I got no signal on my monitor. I switched my DVI cable to my on-board graphics and, of course, I got a signal on my monitor. My video card still gives a red light when the 8-PIN PCI Express power cables are unhooked. Plugging them in yields a green light, but the graphics are still on-board. I don't know if the problem is my PCI Express slot, my graphics card, my motherboard, or my power supply. Any help would be great, thanks. Also, if you need my specs, I need to know how to get them :P
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  1. Annnd, I forgot to mention. This happened once before and it was fixed by simply leaving my video card out for a week and poppin it back in. Started up all normal and booted from my video card.
  2. Had your problem before!!! You have a single 6 pin PCI power on the end of you card, Correct? I would be most suspicious of power from this connector. Try another, or use an adaptor to convert a 4 pin power connector to 6 pin just to make sure your power supply isn't causing the problem. If you have a volt ohm meter you can check that you have voltage in the sockets of the power connector. The card will appear to be working, but you will get no video output without the extra power from the 6 pin PCI power. connector.
  3. False. I have two 6-Pins at the end of the video card leaving me none for testing. I have nothing to test the voltage on the pins. The fans run and everything so its leading my to believe its the PCI slot or the video card itself. Also, I jiggled the video card before starting up my compy and it ran all the fans at 100 percent and disabled all video output, including the card. This continued until I jiggled the card once again setting it back to normal and booting from on-board. I am about to test this card in another tower, so wish me luck.
  4. So 4 years later, I figure I should update on what was wrong. Motherboard was going bad. Didn't take long before onboard didn't work. Thanks for all your support, though!

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