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Hi can anyone give me some advice. My daughter knocked our laptop on the floor. Its starting up and working fine, im using it right now! but the colours on the screen are off. ill attach a picture.

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  1. the colors in the photo you attached looks fine.

    the problem is with your lcd itself, i believe. you might have to contact the service center for repair.
  2. Moniter cable loose connection can also do this so reinsert Moniter cable . how to do this in laptop search in YouTube.
  3. Remove battery ,insert ac adapter ,press and hold power on button for 10seconds ,restart . Insert battery.
  4. thank you.i'll try this. I checked out the thread on my mobile phone and the pic i gave does look normal but to me on the laptop its a funny colour. Its useable but some colours i cannot see.
  5. well in all honesty your lucky it works at all.. you could attach it to an external monitor if it bugs you, otherwise you'll have to get it fixed or rip it apart and fix it
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