So I bought an open box computer from Newegg

The computer-
CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2151 Desktop PC
A6-Series APU A6-3670K(2.7GHz)
1TB HDD Capacity
AMD Radeon HD 6530D
Windows 8 64-Bit

I didn't realize this was a used/open box item until I was in the middle of the purchase, I got an open box disclaimer pop up but I didn't look at it since I didn't want to stop in the middle of putting in my CC information.
I never saw the Open Box wording on the page I was looking at, guess I was too focused on checking out the other details. Also it's my first purchase from Newegg and tbh, I had no clue that these types of items would even be sold there. I would mind a refurbished item less but from my understanding (now) these things aren't checked out, just reshelved and resold.

While this may be considered a low end gaming PC, it's a very nice upgrade over my ancient machine so I'm happy with the specs. I saw the original price of this item at $590 but it's generally sold at around $490. I got it for $367 (not counting the $19 shipping)

So finally.. to the point. From what I've read Newegg has great customer support and if I find a problem relatively quick I can return this, albeit I'm out the shipping costs both ways.
I have a few questions..
1) Any suggestions on how I might test out this PC for problems that aren't obvious? For instance, if someone screwed up the graphics card in an attempt to overclock it and sent it back without (ofc) telling newegg the truth. Any other little things to look for?
2) Do you think there is any chance Newegg would tell me why the previous owner returned it?
3) If you had to guess my chances of ending up with a great deal (or a lemon) what would it be?

I won't get this PC until Wednesday, was planning to call on Monday to see what info I can get about the PC and what would need to be done if this thing is either DoA or goes bad shortly afterwards.
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    Download/install hwmonitor, cpu-z, MSI afterburner, prime95, 3dmark 11, and install a demanding game.

    Then open HWmonitor, cpu z, and msi afterburner.

    HWmonitor will show you temps.
    CPUz will show you CPU speed and voltage.
    MSI afterburner will show you graphics card speed and voltage and give you a second point of reference for graphics card temps as well.

    Now run some stress tests. Look watch for high temps and/or errors or BSOD's.

    If you can run a couple hours of prime95 and you have no errors with temps under control, your CPU, RAM and cooler are probably good to go.

    Then turn off prime 95 and run 3d mark 11. This will test your graphics. If all tests well there, the last step is to play a demanding game for a while......

    If no issues arise, you are probably ok.

    My best guess, is that your computer is fine. But test anyway just to make sure before the 30-day take-almost-anything-back window closes.
  2. Very informative, thank you for the reply!

    Exactly the kind of advice I'm looking for in testing out this PC.
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  4. Following up, it appears I got a great deal with no problems :-)

    Ty again on the tips, I followed them all and see no signs of anything wrong.
  5. Glad to hear it.
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