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Best gpu for 5040x1050 around $330

i need help finding a good gpu for 5040x1050... good graphics dont expect max settings in my price range... i got 330 bucks to spend... i can spend more but ehh dont want to be broke the rest of the semester... i did wanted to spend less but i know thats not gana happen... this is gana be for my first gaming pc build specs:

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CPU: i5-3570k (OC)
PSU: Corsair CX600
Kingston Hyper X 8gb 1866mhz
Seagate Barracuda 1 TB 7200RPM
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  1. you can either choose between the amd hd 7850 2gb or the nvidia gtx 6660ti 2gb. looking at your psu i think it amd hd 7850 would be a wiser option.
  2. ohh nice... i like it... saves me a lot of money for the monitors... :D... but will it play stuff like BF3 with decent fps?
  3. Not really but I think about 27-30 FPS with decreased detail. With that price range I think you'll be interested with this card from sapphire.

    This will let you do eyefinity even without a display port adapter and should provide you with good FPS at $329

    Or if you fancy Nvidia cards

    This card from MSI is also good.

    The ATI card should give you the most performance but the MSI card is cheaper so it'll just be up to you though both choices should do fine. Good luck :)
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    hd 7950 is a great card to go with. but your psu is the builder series psu from corsair which has the efficiency of about 80% and the hd 7950 is a bit more power hungry than the hd 7850 also since you have overclocked the processor itself i believe it is better not to take that risk.

    you can also choose the hd 7870 and overclock is like hell to get better performance and fps.

    you can check out the power supply specs at:
    do keep in mind the efficiency level too.
  5. hmm... so ill need to change the psu too... np... i can do that... its gana be a future build so im still in the planing...
  6. then u can go for a seasonic 700 w psu s well.
    just a little warning from my side. Do not over spend on an amd card now because the 8 series are due on the 2nd quarter of 2013 so expect drastic price drop within 6 months
  7. found this psu and its sufficient for the overclocking and just incase i want to crossfire when the prices drop...
  8. good choice. You can now get a hd 7870 or a hd 7950
    all d best.
  9. good choice. You can now get a hd 7870 or a hd 7950
    all d best.
  10. ty guys... hope yall have a very nice new year... :D... now how do i close this forum post -_-
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