Sudden fps drop explicable

last eve i had paused f1 2012 for a while..when i pressed continue from the pause menu nothin happnd..infact nothin was workin on my shut it down from the ups..wen i tried 2 restart it..the monitor didnt turn on..remembered tat this usually occured on my pc wen there was dirt on the opened the cpu and removed the RAM 2 clean it up...and aftr this little exercise the monitor turned ON ...on strtin f1 2012 and runnin the benchmark test..found tat avg fps has dropped frm 37 to 23...watz happenin currently is wen i start th runs at arnd 40 fps fr 1 lap then fps drops drastically to arnd 15 ....plz help..lots of unplayable...similar thing is happening with NFS most wanted 12 clearly there seems sumthing is wrong wid the hardware..wat cud the problem be??...PLEASE REPLY
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  1. List your Full specs.
  2. my cpu is a intel core2 duo e7500 @2.93 ghz and mobo is a ga-g31m-es2l...

    graphics card is a nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti DDR5 1 GB

    PSU is coolermaster 400 W supply

    using 3 GB RAM DDR2
  3. I guess its your PSU.
    Coolermaster just don't make good PSUs at all.
  4. thanx sumukh for ur reply..btw i fixed the fps drop issue by cleaning up the dust that had gathered on my cpu u think dust on cpu fan was the reason behind this because once i cleaned up the cpu..the gaming performance has returned to normal as before with fps arnd 40
  5. Maybe your CPU collected alot of Dust from surrounding.
    But beware of your PSU.
  6. okay..wat are normally the problems with coolermasters PSUs?..also which brand PSUs are reliable and why coolermasters one's are not?
  7. Read this

    Coolermaster list fake wattage. They don't provide what is listed.
  8. Sumukh

    Is there any brands that you would recommend?
  9. seasonic,corsair,antec
  10. Best are Seasonic, Corsair, Antec and XFX.
  11. ohh....i bought this new coolermaster PSU just 6 mnths ago ...its rating is 400 W and my gtx 550ti needs 400 W is there a danger in using the PSU ?..and what will be the power tat it might be actually delivering ..
  12. I don't know.
    But it is sure that it will blow one day :lol:

    CM should leave the PSU Market.
    Only CM GX series is a little reliable but its still waste :)
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