How to map drives on devices connected to a second router?


I have the following issue.
I am using 2 routers.
No 1 establishes PPPoE connection.
No 2 gets its WAN connection from router No 1 via DHCP server.
No 2 runs DD-WRT and is connected via OpenVPN to a VPN provider, so that all devices, which connect via No 2 have an encrypted VPN connection.
However I want my PC to not go through the VPN tunnel and have therefore connected it to router No 1.
Problem now is that I don't know how to connect to the devices, which are connected to router No 2.
Before I had my PC connected to Router No2 as well and used several mapped drives to a NAS and a Multimediaplayer also on No2.
Now that the PC is directly connected to No 1, I have no clue how to map the drives on all the devices on No2.
Can anybody help me please?

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  1. I could be reading this wrongly but I think you need a second NIC. Router 2 is probably on a different Subnet.

    First, though, open a Run command using the Windows key and R together then into the Open box, type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter. From the View menu, select "Show hidden devices" and see if the second router shows up as a non- Plug and Pray device. If it does, try mapping again.

  2. I cannot really identify the router in the non-plug n play devices.

    getting a second NIC would not be an issue, but how do I set up both NICs then?
    - How can I define, which Internet connectioon my PC uses, when it is connected to both routers?

    Yes the second router is on 2 subnets, but I found out that I can put them on the same subnet, when I connect the second router not via wan but via lan port. Problem is, when I do that, it cannot establish the OpenVPn connection for some reason.
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