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Hi all,

I am quite a computer noob but have done various research on trying to build my trading rig. I am from Singapore, so will most probably get all my parts at Sim Lim Square which is a huge shopping centre with many many stores selling those parts and will get them to assemble.

First up, main CPU usage is just for trading softwares, with 4 monitors and i think the most intensive gaming I will do is only Left for Dead2, which I think not really intensive.
Main requirements: rig can support up to 8 monitors in future, but as of now just 4 monitors will do.
Budget: $600-$800 excluding 4 monitors to buy

1. Will like opinions for these 3 CPUs:
FX 6100 vs A10 5800k vs i5 3470

I have feelings for AMD as my current HP laptop with AMD Turion64x2 is still going well even after 5 years
2. Please advise on my below current planned build [SGD$]:

$339 [CPU+mobo] FX6100 with ASUS M5A97 Pro
$68 [RAM] Kingston DDR3 1600 CL11 4GB (x2) = 8GB
$74 [HardDisk] Western Digital 500GB 16mb
$126 [Graphic] Sapphire HD6450 1GB DDR3 (x2)
$25 [CDRom]Samsung DVDRW
$78 [Power] Seasonic S1211 NonModular 520W
$45 [Fan] CoolerMaster TX3 Cooler
$69 [Case] Any ATX case will do fine
Total: SGD$824 = USD$667

3. Will like a discussion on the graphics card part?
4. Which monitors would be a good consideration for a 23 inch screen?

Thanks all for the help!!! the info here is so much yet is enjoyable reading all the builds!
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  1. Any advice i could get?

    I have done more research, and looks like the Seasonic PSU is really bang for value.
    I will most probably going for an Antec One Case as its looks really good for keeping temp down.
    5. I also wonder if I do need to purchase a CPU cooler even though I will not do any over-clocking or intensive gaming?

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  3. Hi guys,

    any thoughts on my build?
    have read that many ppl encountered problems with the M5A97 Pro with FX6100 combi..

    abit worried that instead i have to switch to Intel..
  4. Approximate Purchase Date: This week (the closer the better)
    Budget Range: 600-800
    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Trading software, multiple spreadsheets, casual game [L4D2]
    Are you buying a monitor: Yes, 3 monitors
    Parts to Upgrade: Everything
    Do you need to buy OS: Unsure, have a Win XP
    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: None
    Location: Singapore
    Parts Preferences: Prefer AMD
    Overclocking: No
    SLI or Crossfire: Yes
    Your Monitor Resolution: Unsure, anything will do
    Additional Comments: Quiet PC, able to support up to 4 monitors and probably 8 monitors in future
    And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: Need a new desktop
    Include a list of any parts you have already selected with descriptively labeled links for parts. Please do not post only links.
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