How to downgrade nVidia to Intel Graphics in DV2000

Hello Friends,

I have a DV2000 laptop (exact model number is DV2910TX, Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 8400M GS Graphics) with the famous nVidia overheating and blank screen issue. :(

Naturally, I was fed up of this nVidia graphics and wanted to downgrade to Intel graphics. So, I decided to buy a motherboard with integrated Intel graphics. I selected a motherboard with part number 417036-001 (Intel 945GM chipset). I ordered it ( a refurbished one) from eBay. I got the motherboard, dis-assembled my laptop and connected the minimum parts i.e. processor, heat sync, 1 stick of 2GB DDR2 RAM, LCD and hard drive.

Now what happened was as soon as I connected the power cord to the system, the board started automatically without pushing the power ON button and there was nothing on the screen. The fan started rotating and only blue power LED's were ON. There was no HDD activity at all. I am not even getting the BIOS screen. I tried everything possible including hard reset by pressing the power button for at least 30 seconds after removing all the power sources.

I searched in many forums and I got some results indicating that the replacement motherboard may be faulty. So, I contacted the seller and got another replacement board 417036-001. The same thing happened with this also.

So, my question is am I missing anything or is there any special method to install non-nVidia graphics motherboards in nVidia graphics motherboard?

Thanks in advance for any solutions and I wish you a very Happy New Year 2013!!! :)
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  1. Change the thermal paste for the GeForce 8400M
  2. Hello unreal9400,

    Thanks for the reply. But I actually want the intel graphics rather than nVidia as of so many issues even if the overheating issue is resolved by thermal paste.

    Now, after a lots of research I have ordered for a replacement motherboard with part number 460715-001 and I hope this will work for me. This board has 965GM chipset.
  3. Hi did you replace the mother board and what's the situation now?
  4. sknair007 said:
    Hi did you replace the mother board and what's the situation now?

    Hi sknair007.

    Yes. I had replaced the old motherboard with the new one i.e. 460715-001. When I connected all the components and cables on the board and turned on the system, I got the HP logo and the BIOS screen on the LCD. But, after some time, strangely the system was shutting down by itself. The CPU side of the board was becoming extremely hot.
    So, I thought the replacement motherboard was faulty. I again contacted the seller and requested for another board of the same part number. But, the "new" also showed the same strange behavior.

    So, after this, I threw the laptop and assembled a desktop PC since I did not have any more patience. Which is running smoothly. :)
  5. What happened is that you got two motherboards with Socket M processors, and yours was Socket P.

    DV25xx-DV29xx -> Socket P, intel 965 chipset
    DV20xx-DV24xx -> Socket M, intel 945 chipset

    So you have had two solutions, one is which you did (buy motherboard 965), the other: buy a Socket M processor

    And I think is something bad in your assembly, with the thermal system.

    I have a dv2000 intel 965 (without the nvidia 8400MGS) with a T9300 2.5ghz (the second most powerful and hottest cpu that supports this systemboard, after the T9500, which runs at 2.6ghz) and unless is something bad in the system (dust, thermal paste dry, or not properly assembled) never shutdown.

    Anyway I recommend you get a socket p processor of penryn, t8100/T8300/T9300/T9500. they are not so hot than merom processors (T7xxx, T5xxx)
  6. Hi All,

    Thanks for your valuable replies. I have been using my desktop since last two years and never missed my DV2000 notebook. But after these two years, I suddenly got an idea to try. I noticed that the nVidia GPU motherboard was getting power supply from a 90W power adapter whereas the intel graphics motherboard (used in certain DV2000 and Compaq models) used 65W power supply. I read somewhere that 90W adapter gives more voltage and current than the 65W (initially I was thinking that both give same voltage and only amount of current varries). So, I think this high voltage was causing sudden failure of the motherboard. But I do not have any of these components to try. I need your suggestions if I should go further with trying to power the board with 65W power supply. Since the laptop is almost dead, so I can try anything on it. I would then order the power socket and the adapter to try. Just need some suggestions from you guys so that I feel motivated and order the components to try. :bounce:

    Thanks in advance!
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