Black screen occurring randomly

My problem is that my monitor goes completely black (but does not go into standby).
It happens when I am watching YouTube videos in full screen (but not when not in full screen) and occasionally in games. The latest time that it is happened is when I tried to go into the options for GTA IV, the options briefly appeared before the whole screen going black, this doesn't crash the game or anything, sound can be heard and it can be remedied by hitting Esc back to the game, cutscenes also seem to make the screen go black. The rest of the game works fine and there doesn't seem to be any graphical problems otherwise with it being cool under heavy duty use (according to speedfan)

I was wondering if it could be my monitor is dying, as I got it in September, but have also noticed that it CAN'T pick up HDMI signal from my Blu Ray player or Xbox 360, but CAN from my PC.

Basically I'm confused.


i5 - 2500k @3.3GHz
GeForce GTX 560 TI (drivers are up to date)
PSU - Corsair GS 700
win 7 64bit
Monior - ASUS VE248H 24 inch

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  1. Is your card Overheating?
    You should bring your Friend's Monitor and check it in your System.
  2. Card isn't overheating according to speedfan.
    Thanks for reminding me to check a different monitor, had a bit of a stupid moment. There seems to be no problems with a different monitor so mine must be a faulty monitor.
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