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I was going to wait for steamroller or haswell, but I don't really care anymore. I've heard that both won't make a huge difference in performance much like Sandy to Ivy. I chose most of my components, and I'm trying to keep a budget of $1000 - $1200. I'd rather have it near $1000, but am willing to pay for quality parts. Right now I need some suggestions for a mobo and HDD. I put down the Asrock Extreme 4 as a placeholder. I read some reviews off newegg, and some people had problems with the sata ports. I also heard on Toms and other forums that HDDs are having a higher failure rate due to manufacturing recovering after the floods. Is this true? If it is, I'll just get a SSD for storage until the failure rates decrease HDDs.

In summary...

A. Budget $1000-$1200 (Rather keep it lower, but will pay for quality parts)
B. Need suggestion for Mobo. (Currently have an Asrock Extreme 4 as a placeholder) Not sure about quality
C. Need a storage device. Not sure about HDD reliability after the floods, so maybe a suggestion for a SSD and get a HDD later?
D. Part picker -

I'm going to be using this for gaming, and maybe some video encoding. 95% gaming and 5% encoding.
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    The asrock extreme 4 is a good motherboard stay with it.
    For a hdd get it here :
    the ram :
    PSU :
    It's also a seasonic oem psu, it's cheaper, 550W will do for your configuration(with the 7870XT in mind)

    Get the 7870 tahiti le :
  2. I'm about to order everything. Is the XFX powersupply good if I'm going to be overclocking the processor? Thank you for the help.
  3. Yes, it's a quality psu made by seasonic, it will do even with the cpu and gpu overclocked.
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