Help my computer build

So i need to know if this a decent build, this computer/parts are 461$ american money, i could probably go up higher and i am open to suggestions

My Build:
Case: Rosewill challenger black
Motherboard: BiostarTZ77b hdmi sata 6gb
Ram: Corsair vengeance 8gb ( it comes free with the board)
Cpu: Amd Phenom II x4 3.4 ghz
Graphics card: Gigabyte 1gb geforce GTX 650 ti
PSU: Corsair builder series 430 watt
I have an os and a hardrive already
Im looking to play games on somewhat high settings it doesnt need to be maxed out, the games im looking to play are arma 2( regular arma 2 not day z) and other games such as AAA titles
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  1. Gigabyte 1gb geforce GTX 650 ti

    at that price point :) get 7850 1GB or 2GB version :)
  2. Well, go with this...
    If you can afford it of course, or try something a little less like the 7850 2GB version..
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