When does AMD stop selling their 7000 series GPUs?

Alright, So I have a 7870 at the moment and I'm planning on getting another one to crossfire but I dont want to buy it now, but I'm afraid that it wont be available later. Does anybody know when they will stop selling? (I have a gigabyte 7870) and I'm not a fan of buying from ebay/craigslist.
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  1. When 8000 series comes out.lol
  2. well that is a long way to go....although it is to be noted that AMD will release the 8xxx series GPU within the 1st half of 2013 itself,so expect a price drop within the next six months itself.
  3. They're still selling a lot of 6000 series cards, and even a few 5000 series cards. They'll keep selling the 7000 series cards even after the 8000 series are out.
  4. Well they're guaranteed to sell at least until the 8xxx series is out which is still several months away. You'll probably be able to find them for a year or so.
  5. The Radeon HD 7000 series will continue to sell until they are all sold out.

    I think the real question is when will AMD stop manufacturing Radeon HD 7000 series GPU cores. The safe assumption is shortly after the HD 8000 series is released.

    How soon the remaining stock of Radeon HD 7000's will exist depends on the performance of the HD 8000 series. If the performance is not all that great, then people may simply continue to buy Radeon HD 7000's if the price is good. If the performance is good, then people will buy the HD 8000's and you may see many Radeon HD 7000's for sale on ebay.
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