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Hello forum,
I have recently upgraded my GPU to the GTX 480. It can get up to 90 degrees under heavy load but I have been cautious with it to not leave it on for too long. How hot is safe for this Graphics Card? Do you think it could handle being used or should i use an auto shutdown for when it gets too hot? It runs at 54 degrees at an idle temperature whilst the PCB runs at about 45 degrees idle. Would it be worth the money to invest in a water cooling system as my system case supports it?
Thanks, Oliver.
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  1. 85C is fine for a GTX 480. You can always try to set up a custom fan speed profile using MSI Afterburner to keep temps down, and/or you could try undervolting it a bit.
  2. That card runs on the hot side. It should be fine getting that hot under heavy load. I wouldn't ever let it break 90 though. U may wana set some sort of thermal throttle at 90c. 60c at idle is on the hot side. Can u adjust ur fan curve to make the GPU fans spin faster? You may be able to bring the cards temp down under both heavy load and idle.
  3. clean the dust if any on your gpu fans
  4. yeah, after a half hour gaming session the temperature reached 90. PC emits quite a lot of noise whilst gaming also. Will try out the MSI afterburner. I think I will set some kind of throttle at 95 degrees?
  5. and my idle was actually 55, sorry :D
  6. Also, how could I stop the fans on the GTX 480 from making so much noise? Keeping in mind that I bought it 2 years secondhand? Thanks forum.
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