HD 7950 troubles

Finally got Catalyst control center installed (after a lot of hassle)

Now whenever i run a game or benchmarking software it is fine for around 3 seconds then i get a blank screen (Colour depends on what was on the screen) with dark vertical bands on the screen

I'm completely at a loss after uninstalling all my drivers on my pc and reinstalling them, trying the beta version of the drivers for the gpu as well as older versions, have absolutely no idea at all as to what it could be. Any help would be great.

p.s. GPU idles at around 35 degrees
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    Try these steps and reinstall your drivers, see if it helps. If you switched from an nvidia card, see the link in the post for the nvidia equivalent and do those too:


    If you had hassle installing CCC, there's probably something screwy with your driver install.

    Uninstalled all the AMD ATI stuff according to the guide, My pc is a new build so i've not had any other graphics cards installed, however i did use the onboard graphics to run some games, i'm assuming i don't have to uninstall those drivers?
    I may have installed NVIDIA Physx when prompted, should i uninstall that?
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