New AMD Gaming Budget Build

So I am looking to put together a new, budget AMD Gaming build. I am using a couple parts that I already have. My budget is around $300 for an AMD motherboard, A good video card for gaming, and a power supply. Im looking to play COD, Saints Row, etc.

Here's a list of the parts I currently have.


Keep in mind i'm 15 and this is my first build. All and any suggestions welcome!

Thank you!
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  1. so basically, 300 usd for CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU, PSU, case
    what parts did u already have?
  2. Nice find sanilmahambre. I was going to ask OP if he could swing $400 but looks like he may not need to.
  3. I'm loving the video card and the psu! I have one slight problem with the motherboard though. My ram is in 1 gig configurations.(I can always upgrade as this isnt a major problem) The motherboard has only two slots leaving me too only use a certain amount.. I would really enjoy four slots. But other than that I like you finds! Thank you!
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