I have just downloaded Windows 8 pro on to one of my older Sony Laptops. The OS will not run in full screen with the Microsoft Generic Display driver which loaded automatically. The graphics chip on the motherboard is a N-Vidia Ge Force GO 7400. Niether Sony nor N-Vidia is supporting a new Windows 8 driver for this chipset. Would it be likely to be available from an alternative source please?
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  1. Nvidia does have drivers here for the GO 7400 and Win 8:

    Follow this:
  2. Many thanks for the quick response. I will follow the youtube instructions

  3. Thanks for both your answers which cover the same solution. However I have already tried this solution and followed the youtube instructions which identifies a Windows 7 alternative but the resulting driver is not accepted by my Sony VGN-SZ series laptop.
  4. It appears that I have exhausted all possible ways of finding a suitable Windows 8 driver for my Sony laptop. Otherwise the OS is working well and I can accept the small loss of screen area.Thanks for your efforts
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