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Hi guyz, I'm an IT administrator and I'm new to this field, Here I've a doubt on a HP p3015dn installation in my company. Here I don't have any direct access with server, I just create and manage users by connecting remotely, now I have a doubt that can I install a network printer in the server remotely? Because I just inserted the CD in the Server drive but there is nothing showing but Server 2003 installation itself. i want to know am I able to install the printer from my system by navigating the setup folder and configure it? When I remotely logged in there I found a print server option in Management in Server management, if I install from there by navigating setup folder of our Network Disk, it would be installed in server or not? Our all IT configuration is made from outside the country..
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  1. Most printers will require your personal attention to their little window menu containing the WLAN setup during which you have to identify the network SSID to which to connect and input the security key. I'm sure your HP will behave that way.

    I know of only one - a Canon - which does it all for you from the setup CD but those are usually to be used as coffee coasters unless you want a load of surplus software. HP is very good at overloading you with that.

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