Which of these two builds?


not many differences between the two, just wondering which is better before I buy.

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  1. I'd say either of the 7950s would work (could consider the 7870xt as well)

    I'd get the seasonic G550 instead of those two power supplies

    If you want to go with asrock, get the extreme4/6.

    Looks good otherwise.
  2. Do you need the modular psu ?
    The first one is the better buy, the xfx is cheaper, and if you don't need a modular psu, the xfx is the better buy, simply because it's cheaper and as good as the antec modular psu, the motherboards listed are good ones, get the cheapest of them so, the asrock with the rebate or the asus without it.
    As for the card, i'd get the msi card, it's cheaper and slightly better.
  3. I can afford to buy upgrade to the http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asrock-motherboard-z77extreme4

    Would this be a good idea, or is the difference between the two mobos marginal?

    Heres the build:http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/E1X1
    ^^^^ that's without the extreme4
  4. Greg,

    Do you live near a microcenter?
  5. Nope, nowhere close.
  6. What's your goal here? Budget vs performance? A few tweaks might give you an overall better value. It really depends on what you're going for. What's your end budget look like? Are you getting new monitor/s? What resolution? What's the usage of the PC? I'll assume you want to OC?
  7. I'm just trying to get the best specs I can for my budget($930 before taxes, etc.) for gaming. Won't be getting a new monitor. I doubt I'll OC much until later when I'll need it for more graphically demanding games.
  8. Ok, So you want to OC, just not right now..... Are you sure you'll OC at all?

    What must that $930 include? OS?

    What resolution is your current monitor?
  9. Doesn't include OS, and I'm not sure on the current monitor res., I'm on vacation atm. I'll be buying a new monitor a few months after the computer is bought.
  10. Edit: Your system meets those requirements. I'd personally add a few dollars here and there, but overall I think it works. I might change the PSU, but that one is fine. I would upgrade to the extreme4 if you want an asrock, otherwise it's pretty solid. I got carried away, then went back and looked at your build.
  11. I think so, after about 2 years or so I may have to wouldn't I? To keep up with certain games' graphics.

    Up until then, I doubt I'd do it very much really.
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