Geforce GTX 680, Which ONE ?

Hi I'm wondering which geforce gtx 680 should I get ??
There are plenty of evga/asus/zotac/giga/etc signature ftw etc versions

I have 500$ budget right now and I know good prices are finishing today on many websites
i'm buying on:

and such.

Which version is the best for my 500$ with shipping? I have right now 494$ exactly.

Thank you
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  1. MSI PE
  2. if you could just spare $5-6 more you could get the asus card which i would personally can also look out for the evga card which is a tad cheaper
  3. I"m in the same boat as you i mean even EVGA got about 12 different versions so far i'm debating between EVGA SC signature and the gigabyte
  4. I have personally not seen much of a visible difference in different versions of the same gpu and of the same manufacturer. these are merely marketing gimmicks to which we consumers fall prey to.

    i would rather go for the model with the best cooling potential and oc it myself.

    but a to be realistic enough, a 4-5 or even 10 fps increase is in no way visible to human eye unless you are getting less than 60 fps.
  5. I see.. So I'm not sure which one should I get,


    The first one seems a little faster, but the second one seems better cooled (3 fans). But I wonder if 3 fans would be less quiet.. what is your preference?
  6. since the speeds of both the cases does not differ much,the performance difference won't be felt.but it is better to go for the evga card then the gigabyte card
  7. I can't think of a single valid reason to buy a 680 over a 670 for the price difference. The difference in performance is so small that its just silly to blow an extra $100 for something you'll never likely see except in a benchmark.I have two MSI 670 PE here my results with just one card My clocks/results on the 670 PE were:

    Max OC
    Core: 1316 MHz
    Memory: 7406 MHz
    Fps: 52.6

    Standard OC
    Core: 1290 MHz
    Memory: 7204 Mhz
    Fps: 51.5 if you insist on buying 680 go for Asus 680 TOP.
  8. +1 on the GTX670 there. The extra ~6% you'll get from a GTX680 will almost be enough to turn 30fps into 32fps.
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