Upgrading my 5850

Hi there,

I've been looking around forums for a while trying to find the best upgrade for my gpu, although it's been pretty hard to distinguish. I've been looking at the 7970 and GeForce 670 but I am still undecided, so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

Rig -
Asus P6T SE mobo
i7 920 @ 2.66ghz
12GB of DDR3 RAM
750W PSU
Radeon 5850 HD
Monitor - 1360 x 768

Budget - around £300.

Just recommend what you think will be best, thanks
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  1. With a resolution of 1366x768 there is no real reason to upgrade.

    If you want to get at least 60FPS in games then I suppose the Radeon HD 7950 is the better choice, but it is real overkill for such a low resolution. That also takes into consideration playing games that are demanding as Metro 2033. For all other games (except Far Cry 3 perhaps), a Radeon HD 7850 / HD 7870 should be enough.

    See below for benchmarks. The closest to your resolution is 1280x800 which only has 2.45% fewer pixels. Note that the benchmarks are based on a Core i7-3770K @ 4.6GHz.

  2. So the best thing I could do would be increasing my resolution with a new monitor (which is pretty annoying as this is a brand new T.V) or just overkill?
  3. you don't really have to bother changing the monitor....get a hd7870 for now. unless you are a hard core gamer and cannot settle for any thing less than full hd while gaming.

    in this way you can comfortably play all the latest games and also save some money for your next upgrade as well as it is quite future proof indeed. added to it, the hd 7870 overclocks like a beast in case you need extra performance in the future.

    P.S. : I believe in the adage,"Money saved is money earned."
  4. this TV 3d capable?
  5. So the 7870 over the GeForce equivalents?

    And no the TV isn't 3D capable, but no problem as I hate 3D. http://www.systo.co.uk/tvs-monitors/lcd-tvs/sony-kdl-26ex555-kdl-26ex555waep.html
    That's the T.V there, although I'm pretty sure it was 1080p when I bought it, slightly worrying.
  6. Great so it turns out my T.V isn't 1080p after all! Anyway thanks for the help everyone.
  7. oh you don't at all need to worry.
    you tv is full hd ready although its resolution is not full hd..that means it can take 1080p input and it will convert the resolution to its own maximum specifications, so you can still enjoy the full hd goodness without any noticeable difference.

    coming to geforce equivalent for 7870 would be gtx 660ti or the gtx 670 (only if you oc the 7870) but the price of gtx 670 is a little more.
  8. Ok so no one asked yet but are you having problems gaming with your current setup ? I mean at the resolution you seem to be playing at I would your CPU bound before being GPU bound in games so what going on ?
  9. Oh that's good to know, thank you!

    @Ikaz - I'm having no problems in games at all, my CPU runs fine I haven't had a problem with it despite its low GHz. I was just thinking of upgrading soon as I'm starting to realise with games like Far Cry 3, that my 5850 is a lil outdated :(.
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