Hd video does not play

my default computer graphics does not work properly , HD video is struck every time when play a HD video and video frame is stop but audio is finely running. please tell me your answer
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  1. what is your system specs????
  2. Operating System
    MS Windows XP Professional
    Intel Pentium E2180 @ 2.00GHz
    Conroe 65nm Technology
    2.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 333MHz (5-5-5-15)
    Intel Corporation DG31PR (J3E1)
    HCM7LWAT21 (1440x900@60Hz)
    Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
    Hard Drives
    466GB Seagate
  3. I don't think your Computer can play HD Videos.
    You don't seem to have a good Dedicated\Integrated Graphics
  4. your computer cannot play hd videos because it does not have a good integrated graphics....you will need to purchase a dedicates graphic card to be able to play hd videos.
  5. but i have already seem a HD video in my computer then why it not works now, i dont know why
  6. what resolution was your video???

    try re installing the drivers after a complete driver sweep.

    also re install the latest Microsoft direct-x re distribution
  7. 1080
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