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Hey guys,
I upgraded my system a couple months back and got a new gigabyte mb and 8150 amd cpu. I upgraded mainly to get better game play out of planetside 2. I was talking to some guy who said he has an 8150 oc (which I do not) and he told me that 650w psu was not enough to power the 8150 and a single gpu (I have gtx 550ti). I was told to look into getting a 1k w psu but I thought I'd ask here first. From what I have read in other threads, 650w is enough to power the 8150 but if I am trying to push it playing a game, does it change?
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  1. get corsair tx650 v2, it is enough :) since the price is pretty close, consider getting tx 750 v2
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    65ow is plenty.
    I advice Seasonic PSU's, they're the best on the market
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