Question about graphics card I'm looking to buy?

Hi, I've got a question for you experts.

I'm looking to buy a PC from a friend, with a reasonable friendly discount :P

It has an Intel i5 700 @ 2.66Ghz
8GB RAM (I don't remember the frequency)

And the CURRENT graphics card (which will be replaced) is a HIS IceQ HD 4670 1GB [My friend doesn't remember the model version]

Anyway, the computer would be used for gaming mostly, so here's what I'm looking to buy:
(XFX) AMD Radeon 7750 1GB, DDR5, Single Profile

Here's an amazon link:

I could also get this one:

So, my questions!

1. Are there any better BUDGET gaming graphics cards you would suggest?

2. Is the processor a good enough match for the graphics card? My current processor, a Celeron @ 2.1GHz meets the MINIMUM for most current games on Steam according to CanYouRunIt

3. Of the two I suggested, which would you recommend?

4. Should I get a better processor? I think so, BUT is it REALLY NECESSARY
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  1. How much for the PC?
    What kind of monitor (resolution) do you have?
  2. hello Passmarks GT630-716 7750-1566 2 times better...

    what is the model of your CPU? single dual core?
  3. Only about £50-£75
    1366x768 but I'm thinking of upgrading to a 1920x1080 one

    Dual core Celeron processor.
  4. That i5 is pretty nice quad core CPU. I would get an HD7770 for it. Its a bit more than the card you listed but for the little bit more money your getting a card that is twice as good for games.
  5. Agree with bucknutty get at least 7770. the 7750 is good for media centers and low-end gaming.
  6. My mistake! It's an i5 750, but I'm pretty sure the two are similar.
  7. There is no i5 700 :-) The 750 is an excellent gaming CPU - nothing noticeably faster exists. A current gen i5 would be an improvement only in non-gaming stuff, and not a huge difference even there. Just to clarify, the Celeron isn't actually part of the equation?
  8. Sorry, I was about to double post because it wouldn't let me edit, but yes, the Celeron is the processor of the laptop I'm using to post this now, so it won't be used with the PC I'm looking to buy, no.

    Also, can you guys check out the novatech link I sent - it's a different card to the 7750 I sent, and is it any good? 4GB is pretty nifty and the reviews are very good, my friend uses/recommends it also.
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