GEFORCE GTX550TI and GTS-450 1Gb RAM for PhysX

Happy new year everybody!!!

I just bought a Nvidia GEFORCE GTX-550TI and I want to use my old GTS-450 1Gb RAM for PhysX.
I wonder if my old GTS would affect the performance of my GTX-550?
Can I use them both with SLI? I believe not.
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Best regards!
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  1. If you can return that 550ti. Trust me, you will be pissed off because you will not get a $130 performance boost. Your boost will be maybe 10%. That might sound like a lot, but realize that is the difference between 30 and 33 fps. It is only one tier higher on tomshardware's hierarchy and most people recommend at least 3 tiers higher. The cheapest card you could get is a 470, but I would recommend you try to get a 7850.
  2. I cant...but what do you think about using both cards? Any suggestions about config?

    Thank you!
  3. No point of doing so.

    If you had both of the cards at the same clock speed you would have nearly identical performance. Just saying.
  4. your idea of using the gxt 550 ti as the gpu and the gts 450 as the "phys-x pu" is good enough.

    don't sli the cards...instead us it the way you intended will see enough boost in those games that makes use of phys-x.

    but keep in mind all games do not use phys-x

    all the best.
  5. I would try to sell your 450 to gain some of your losses back. Where did you buy this from that you can't return it? Seriously, you should try to return it. You basically spent $130 for the performance gain you would get with overclocking.
  6. Thank you very much to all of you...we'll be in touch.
  7. I'm pretty sure the OP already had the gts 450 laying around from another build. I am in the same situation. I am considering holding on to the gts 450 that is currently in my system and using it for dedicated physx when I buy a new card, but am not sure if the performance gains are worth having two cards in my system just for physx games (and some folding).
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