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i need help to build my first gaming pc, my old pc is a prebuilt with a q8200 quad cpu and a 9600 gt but i dont know why its sucks when i use it; the 9600 gt always show the nvidia power warning which i think it shouldnt have because u know, its a prebuilt so its psu should be enough to feed the card right?
Anyway lets go back to the main thing, i need u guys to help me build this gaming pc, my budget is 670 as i said above, im using my phone to make this thread so i cant say detail about my information so here:
Part dont need: monitor(1204x1280), speaker,mouse,keyboard oh and do you think anything from my old pc can be use for this?(like case or cpu or etc...)
Website preferred: i live in Viet nam so is there any website send the parts to me?
Overclocking: maybe but dont really need it.
Crossfire, sli:no.
i have already plan to get the i3 2120 and the sapphire 6870, can you guys advice me any part left to use with them and to fit my budget or just get me another things
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  1. Do you know what motherboard is in your pre-built system? Can you provide more info about the pre-built like brand and model number?

    You may not need to rebuild, just put better parts into the one you have.
    Your CPU is already a quad-core, maybe more RAM and better graphics card could be sufficient.
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