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Can 300 watts run this graphic card?

Hi, SOONYBOY here and today im wondering if my 300 watt powersupply can handle this build.

AMD Athlon II x4 processor 3.10 ghz
8 gb ram
nvidia 9800gt

if if it can't, which i know it cant because of my luck, then please give me reccomendations of which gpu i should buy. in the 100's range, thank you reading this :D.
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  1. Get hd 7750 with eyes is best low profile card.even at peak load it consumes just will easily work with your psu.
  2. But according to his thread, , it says that the 9800 gt will run perfectly on the 300watt psu.
    i'm just trying to save money here, thanks for the reply.
  3. Have you brought gt 9800 or not.
  4. Athlon x2 quad is a 100watt part.
    The 9800gt is a 110 watt part.
    Ram, board, hdd, fans and stuff around 50 watts.

    Your at full system draw of around 260-275. If this is a good quality PSU is should be ok but your cutting it very close.
  5. Would this affect speed or performance?
  6. You need better psu around 400-450w to run that gt 9800 card.your current psu cannot handle that card.
  7. I'm thinking this,
    and the 98000gt with my build im pretty sure this will work, or will it?
    Oh yea my motherboard is a Dell
  8. tourist said:
    It is not a question of will it run it, more so how long before is goes pop. 9800 gt uses over 200 watts under full load and depending on the quality of your p/s may go sooner than later.

    Something like this will serve you well

    you an idiot. Please learn to read before "helping" people on the forum.

    that's TOTAL system power consumption. not the card itself.

    And a decent quality 300W psu should be able to handle it.
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    ASHISH65 said:
    You need better psu around 400-450w to run that gt 9800 card.your current psu cannot handle that card.

    why???? you're saying a 100w CPU and a 110W GPU and around 30-50w of motherboard and other hardware draw will ever require more than 300w??? he can't even OC on that motherboard... there is NO reason that computer needs more than 300w... As long as the PSU in that Dell has a 6 pin connector, it should be fine...
  10. tourist said:
    You an Idiot, what are you 5 years old?

    clearly you have no reading capability or logic. and gives shitty advice.

    please explain to me how you got 218w to be the GPU power draw from that article when it CLEARLY states that the power analyzer was plugged into the wall socket.

    And you're acting like you're 5 for not admitting that you can't even read the article and you're advice is wrong.

    Quote from the review you linked

    "We measured total system power consumption at the wall socket using an Extech power analyzer model 380803. The monitor was plugged into a separate outlet, so its power draw was not part of our measurement. The cards were plugged into a motherboard on an open test bench."
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  12. Ok well this is a mess now.

    Install your 9800gt in your dell and have fun. Its going to be fine for years to come, and if by chance some time down the road the PSU pops, then just get a new one for like $30-$40.

    I would have installed the video card and been playing games hours ago if I were you.

    PS I have a 9800gt low pro in a HP low Pro multimedia PC that I got used. That thing has a core2 duo 2.18 and 4 gigs of ram with a 250 watt PSU. It has been running fine now for 3 years.
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