GPU Not at maximum when recording.

I had just bought some video game capture software, I don't have an incredible system, but my FPS is dropping massively. But it didn't a few days ago, and I havent changed any settings. So basically I can play Far Cry 3 on Ultra, 1080p, and with DX 11, with AA off and still hit about 35-40 FPS, which isnt great but damn it looks good. So I'm monitoring the GPU usage and its only hitting about 75% usage when recording but 99% when not recording. 23 FPS when recording, 35 when not. I have bought playclaw which is suppose to utilize the CPU for recording.... Any idea how I might be able to get better utilization from my GPU while recording? Or is that the way it works.

Also on a side note. I'm upgrading my GPU in about 2-4 weeks. Considering the (GTX 670 FTW) or possibly a 7970. I would like to get Nvidia to take advantage of some extra feature, plus I heard their 3D was pretty good. Any thoughts?

i5 2500k 4.2 GHz
Radeon HD 6870 2GB
Corsair TX750
ASRock pro 4 Mobo
8GB Ripjaw 1600MHz
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  1. Well if your GPU usage is only 75% then it's not maxed out. What is your CPU usage with and without your video capture software? It could be poorly coded video capture software. Try to find the bottleneck, CPU or GPU maxed at 100% and you will probably find that your video capture software is killing your frame rate.By the way,
    which software is it?
  2. The Software is PlayClaw

    The CPU usage varies somewhat dramatically. Lowest Ive seen while recording was about 22% highest about 55%, without recording CPU usage usually stays below 20%.

    I tried the demo of the software before I bought it and I liked it, it was one of few that had a free demo, and it was one of the cheaper options, didnt really feel like blowing $100 on something I may not use much. I tried FRAPS but it wouldnt record anything over 1 minute long without buying it. When I tried PlayClaw demo I only saw a 1-3 FPS drop, now that I bought it, its about a 10-15 FPS drop, which doesnt do justice for my GPU. I even tried lowering the game settings and resolution but it seems to drop from 70 FPS down to 40 when I start recording.

    I came here first instead of the software support site because of GPU not hitting 100%... or close to it, just an FYI.
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