HAF XM filling with dust

Hi, I have a HAF XM and its filling with dust. it has filters but the inside is just caked in dust. When I swipe with my finger it's filled up. Help

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  1. Are there any broken filters or holes in the case without decent filters?
  2. There is a bit more to cleaning a computer than opening up the case and blowing on it with your mouth. You will need something a little more powerful such as compressed air. There are two methods of compressed air available; one is to purchase a can of compressed air which is designed for cleaning hardware and is available at most large electronic stores.
  3. What is your fan config - which ones drawing air in & which are expelling. We need more info.
  4. Hi, Its the config that it came in( 200mm input front, 1x200mm and 1x140mm out from back and top). all the filters have no holes in them. I'm planning to put another 2x200mm on the side and top but im a bit worried about the dust.
    EDIT: I've b searching up positive and negative pressure. What's the ideal option....Or do I go with neutral?
  5. bump?
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