Monitor flickering with red pixels

I have a fairly new computer set up with two old duel monitors, only one of the monitors is flickering, that is my LG E2050,
it doesn't flicker all the time, only when I am watching videos and that's it, if the video to my other monitor all the red pixels disappear, is there a way to fix this? and should I be worried?

This is my computer

also my computer rarely overheats.
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  1. I would upgraded to the newest drivers from AMD.

    Your computer should never overheat. If it is overheating and shutting down it needs service.
  2. what I men't was usually my computer stays pretty cool, but on rare occasions while I'm playing skyrim or something, it gets hot, but I wouldn't call that "hot"
  3. by the sentence "if the video to my other monitor...." what do you actually mean?
    many a times older lcds do require conditioning. It is generally available in the menu option of the monitor itself
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