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I Have an Acer Aspire 5720-4171. It doesn't have a screen due to being dropped. Ive been using an external monitor for about a year now. I decided it was time to clean up my files so I did a Factory Reset using the alt+f10 option during boot up. I guess the system restored but I wouldn't know because I cant get the external monitor to work and i cant see the laptop screen. I Tried booting in safe mode and i keep getting a message that windows cannot install in safe mode and to restart the computer. Anyone know how to get a signal on my external monitor? or can anyone give me an idea of whats on my screen right now so i can blindly click around and try to fix it...?
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  1. It is possible that windows is attempting to install. Have you ever started the laptop and let it just run? or possibly looked at the Acer website to see the steps you need to take to finish a factory reset so you know what to expect?
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