Next gen 8770 gonna be worth it?

Hey guys, I plan on building this modern G860 based computer within the next year, and I wanted to ask if you guys think the Radeon 8770 will be worth it for what I do. I game very often, mostly just Counter Strike Source, but I also play CS:GO, Worms: Revolution, Amnesia, and I'll probably eventually get Max Payne 3 & the Crysis series. I have a 1920x1080p monitor too, btw, which isn't too shabby. I ask now because I want a good idea of what to get - I know the 7770 right now isn't too bad, and I expect the 8770 to be about 15-30% better than it, is that correct? & would it be the right card for me? I don't plan on getting it until December, next year's time. My PSU however is gonna vary depending on your response - right now I'm looking at between 500-600W. What would you recommend for me? Would a 8770 be more than enough? Or would I need something like a current 7870? Also, I don't need it at max settings - just so long as its in 1080p and medium settings, I'll be more than satisfied.
Thanks for any advice! :D
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  1. it would be somewhere between the hd8750 and hd8850.
    as for the difference between the hd7000 and hd8000 series, only time would tell.
    Still when the hd8000 series comes out, it would slash the price of series 7000.
    So with the money you were going to spend on the hd8770, you might be able to pick up a hd7850 or even a hd7870, which are still likely to be better than the hd8770. But it all depends on how the hd8000 series turns out to be,
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    The 8000 series will be coming out early-mid next year most likely, and specs are rumored at this point from what I know. To answer your question, I can only reference current gen cards and make small assumptions of what the 8000 series might do for you.

    I think if you want to game at 1080p on medium settings at smooth frame rates, a 7770 would be sufficient for the games you listed, therefore, an 8770 will probably be more than sufficient.

    However, I'm not sure what kind of games are coming out in 2013, but as you probably know, games become more demanding all the time. You say you just want to play the games listed at 1080p at medium settings, but newer games may release this upcoming year and the next that peak your interest. I would recommend getting a more mid-range card such as the 7870(as you suggested) that can play current games at max or near-max settings, and as more new games are released that are more demanding, you can tune down the settings on THOSE to play them at comfortable framerates.

    "Futureproofing" a system can be a slippery and expensive slope, but in this case, I think it might be worth some consideration.
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  4. Thanks a lot Theredmagus, that helped me open my eyes a bit regarding performance! I'm just gonna check in regarding my CPU bottlenecking the GPU, and if it doesn't, I'll probably go with a 8870/8850, thanks again man. :)
  5. Hi :)

    Get a 7990 NOW... i did...around £760/$1000

    All the best Brett :)
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