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[#009dff]hey people i am new to this space. I'm from India. I want to built new pc from scratch i have budget of of about 45000 rs which is around 900-1000$ i want mid level gaming pc. i don't know where to start? which processor i want your suggestions. Three things on which i dnt want to compromise is CPU,power supply and good ram. please help me out to configure.Moreover i can get most of the parts here in Mumbai so no worries about that. My requirements are
1.causal gaming and watching movies
2.occasional Photoshop on low level.
3.Regular activities

1 TB internal drive
8 gb of ram
i5 ivy bridge processor

mid level graphic card preferably based on nvidia.
what i dnt know is which company or model to choose.
pls help me to configure the same..:) thank u in advance. :wahoo: :wahoo: :wahoo: :bounce:
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    This may be a good start, a little competition here to "build" the best Intel based gaming PC for under $1000 US see what some of the more informed members here have "created"
    Hope it helps
  2. what resolution are u gaming at?
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