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I hope this is in the right forum. I do a lot of gaming, as does my fiance. We've gone through Time Warner and Suddenlink without problems that weren't fixable. Over the past 2 weeks with WOW! we noticed our games will stutter for a second about ever 10-15 seconds, sometimes less. I called them and told them the problem and they told me, after saying everything is good on their end, to get the port numbers for the games so the can add them to "something I stopped paying attention to after thinking this is BS".

I've never had to do this at any other ISP in any other location, so why do they need it? Is there something else it could be? My DL is showing up at 15.85 and UL is 1.11... 25 ping. Thanks in advanced!
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  1. are you sure it's the internet??? try downloading a program called "FRAPS"... that will tell you (in the upper corner) how many frames per second (FPS) you are getting at any given point. if they're dipping down below 30 too much (while you get the studder) that would instead implicate your computer as the culprit!!!
  2. I have Fraps. I have a fairly high power computer and I'm getting the freeze in Counter Strike: Source. It's not a graphical delay, but a action delay. In CS:S, I'll be shooting at a guy, he'll stop moving while I'm still pumping bullets into, then he warps 10 feet to where he was actually going. Same sort of thing in Team Fortress 2 and Starcraft 2. In Mount & Blade, I'll pull my sword up but when I release, it occasionally delays. This doesn't happen all the time, but 1 second out of every 15 seconds is fairly annoying if you're serious about the competition. My fiance plays WoW and she'll try to cast and it won't put the spell through immediately. We have 6 devices on the router: 2 Comps, 1 wired and one wireless, an iPhone, her Android phone, Roku and a 360, but never more than 3 going at once.
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  4. I checked it out. I didn't want to chance downloading DD-WRT since my router wasn't on their list. Another option I have is calling them and telling them I'm going with Time Warner Cable because they never gave me any issues. Being the kind of person I am, I'm a little uncomfortable telling them that, but I need a solid connection. Still open to fixing it myself.

    Also, just for a test, would it be a good idea to disconnect the phone's and Roku to see if it boost performance or would that even matter seeing as they're all on standby and not actually using any of the bandwidth?
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