MFSX barely runs on low settings.

I have a Dell optiplex 745 mini tower and I'm trying to play Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but it'll barely keeps up on low/medium settings.

8gb ram
Nvidia GEForce GT430

I have the fps set to 10 which is the lowest and anytime I increase the scenery past medium, it slows way down. I can have everything else on minimal, but it will still barely maintain 10fps. It sounds staticy when it slows down. The rest of the computer is stock, I just added ram and a video card and I'm using the stock 3.5mm sound jack. Is there anything else I can do?
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  1. Do you have the video cable plugging into the video card directly?
  2. Yes, its one of those blue vga cables. The video card has a hdmi slot too, so I plugged that in and ran it to my tv so that the audio would be coming from the video card too and it was still slow.

    I guess the Pentium D isn't the best for gaming. Is there a different processor I can put into this computer without changing out other things? I was reading that some people were putting in quad cores into this computer. Something like a Q6700 or something.
  3. Microsoft Flight Simulator X doesn't need a heavy processor. Your Pentium D should be just fine. I can only think to make sure all video drivers are up to date and you have no other programs trying to adjust the game's graphics setting.
  4. I've heard its more demanding on the processor than the video card. I have the latest drivers for everything including the video driver. And I have everything else turned off and the power setting set to top performance. I would have thought my desktop would have ran it no problem, but I have a newer laptop with 2gb ram(1.85 usable) and 1.5ghz intel celeron processor and it runs it better than my desktop.
  5. Yeah, if it is running better on your laptop than on your desktop than a processor isn't the problem. How do any other games run on your desktop, same problem?
  6. Its really the only game I play. I can run on high settings on the laptop, but medium-low settings on the desktop will make it lag.
  7. I don't know what it would be. Could the stock audio driver be causing the problem?
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